The League of Women Voters of the Fredericksburg Area

The League of Women Voters of the Fredericksburg Area was organized in the 1970’s and reconstituted in 2016.  Since then, we have been actively involved in educating and registering voters, studying issues of local governmental importance and advocating for action on League positions.

Our activities include:

Organizing candidate forums for local and county elections.

Publishing and distributing our “FACTS FOR VOTERS” annual directory of public officials serving the City of Fredericksburg and the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George and Caroline at the national, state, county, and local levels, with information on voting and registration. “FACTS FOR VOTERS” is circulated to government offices, libraries, businesses, and other public places.

Conducting a study and developing a position statement on affordable housing for seniors in the greater Fredericksburg area.

Sponsoring or co-sponsoring member and public education events.

Co-sponsoring with the University of Mary Washington and other groups candidate forums.

Registering people to vote and disseminating voter information to the public.

Publishing a monthly newsletter for members and a Facebook page with information on elections and other issues of interest.

Why Should I Join and Support the League of Women Voters?

The League is different from many organizations in that what it accomplishes comes directly from the involvement of its members.  It is a grassroots organization, providing every member with opportunities to learn and educate others about government and take action on public policy.  We walk our talk: we believe that we need everyone to participate in order for our community to be strong, safe, and vibrant.  Whether you contribute your time, your money, or both, you can feel confident that your investment in democracy goes further in the League.

League members meet to discuss topics in settings that encourage civil and amicable dialogue.  We learn effective techniques for public discussion, how to advocate on specific policies, and what the facts and specifics are beyond the rhetoric.

Our study and consensus process ensures that we are fully informed on issues before we take a stand.  We also host public forums and debates which are fair, transparent, and civil. This approach has earned the League a global reputation for integrity and thoroughness.

Your participation in the League will expose you to a breadth of experiences and issues that will not only inform you but create greater possibilities for civic engagement.  You can spend as much or as little time as you wish.  Whether you aspire to leadership or are inclined to follow the lead of experienced members, the League will excite, use, and nurture your civic curiosity, ideals, and desire for action.  We offer members webinars, conference calls, workshops, and other events throughout the year.

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