This action plan is aligned with the LWVUS 2020-2022 position which supports electoral methods that “implement alternatives to plurality voting.”   In addition, the LWV-VA specifically supports implementation of Ranked-Choice Voting as part of its Election Laws position, adopted at the 2021 Convention.

In 2020, Virginia passed HB1103, effective July 1, 2021, permitting localities to use ranked-choice ballots in elections for local offices, with each locality responsible for additional expenses related to this change.


To provide the LWVFRA with an educational and action plan to advocate for ordinances by one or more jurisdictions in our area to implement instant-runoff elections using ranked-choice ballots for county boards of supervisors and city councils. A ranked-choice voting option has the potential to provide benefits often not realized under plurality-winner elections.


Obtain the State Board of Elections’ outline for local jurisdictions to implement ranked-choice ballots.

Develop an action plan to advocate for ranked-choice ballot ordinances locally. The plan would include such actions as:

  • Preparing a fact sheet on the benefits and impacts of using ranked-choice ballots for distribution to local legislators and citizens.
  • Arranging meetings with local elected officials
  • Writing an op-ed piece for the Free Lance-Star, and
  • Engaging in outreach to local civic groups, schools, and advocates.

Time frame: July 2022 – July 2023

If you are interested in helping out with this effort, please contact lwvfra@gmail.com.